5 and a half years ago, my life consisted of sleeping,burritos and dropping entire paychecks on the Victoria's Secret semi annual sale. I was pretty sure I knew what motherhood would be like. I was wrong. I had visions of sanity,a clean home, and cats that weren't locked in the closet after being soaked with a 4 year old boys urine. Yes, I thought motherhood was one beautiful lucid moment to the next

...and then came Sam.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mom, do you like Gumby?

Me: I never really thought about it but yes, I suppose I do.

Sam: Man, we have so much in common.

Friday, July 8, 2011

You're lucky I'm here

Me: Why is that?
Sam: Because I have super powers
Me: You're right, I am lucky.
Sam: I have to go get on the roof now, check the perminiter.
Me: uhhh, baby that's dangerous.
Sam: I have super powers, can't get hurt. It's a real thing.
Me: ummm, the...roof...has a hole in it.
Sam: I'll fix it.
Me (fuck) um, actually I hurt my foot really bad, can you fix it with your first aid kit? (he carries one at all times, not kidding)
Sam: (sigh) I guess, get that big thing over here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I may have overreacted

School is...Fantastic, amazing, a break, a breather, growth, learning, friends, laughter, change..good change.

My son has changed so much, learned so much and become so confident since starting school. I fully FULLY believe this is mostly due to the Montessori method. It is too much to explain...and I don't care to..but basically Montessori focuses on being independent and nurturing a passion for learning, where as traditional schooling focuses on socialization. At Montessori the child chooses what they want to learn, they aren't held back if other students aren't ready, they each go at their own pace and can take whatever approach they feel inspired by to solve a problem. They don't have desks, or grades, or tests. They each learn a task until they master it, and the teacher decides when that is. It is very inspirational and perfect for my inquisitive and somewhat crazy son. Sam started on basic multiplication his week before Christmas. in kindergarten. Were the other kids? No, but Sam was ready..so they let him work on it. Amazing. I love this school so much I want to move into the basement and sustain myself on blocks and sink water.

Good to be back

Looking forward to making you laugh

God knows I need it.

Monday, September 6, 2010


It's almost 1'oclock in the morning and I am packing your lunch for your first day of school. I am also sobbing like an idiot. Who cries when making Cinnamon apple slices? Your mom. Why am I making your lunch at 1 am, instead of being in bed and getting a full nights sleep like a normal person? I am your mom. And in 10 years, unless I have had some massive turn around, I am most likely still going to be making your lunches at 1 am. I have never been organized at doing anything. Which is why I think this is so hard for me.

I am not prepared for this.

You on the other hand, are.

I did exactly what I set out to do. Raise an independent, intelligent, and caring young man, who was passionate about learning and the world around him.

The only thing I forgot to do, was think about myself.

For 5 and a half years, you have been my only job. Get up, feed you, cloth you, play with you, make sure you were safe. You have been my one and only focus since the moment you were born, if not before that. And tomorrow...you are going to start your journey without me. I know you are coming home at 3, and I realize you are still very young, but it's a beginning. I want to feel happy, and I want to be elated..but honestly, I just don't know what I'm going to do without you around.

You are my little best friend. I don't understand parents who long for the days of school, when their children are gone and aren't around to interrupt their daily activities.

You growing up, completely terrifies me. What am I to do now? I never realized how much of myself I sacrificed until tonight. I don't even know what I want anymore. I know I should be glad that I can go shopping without dragging you through the store having a hysterics fit over a ninja turtle, I know I should be happy that if I am exhausted, I can just take a nap without having to also convince you that you are tired and to lay down with me, I can take calls without you screaming in the background, I can have a drink without you drinking out of it and getting chunks of food in it, and I can go to the bathroom without you pounding on the door, but for some insane reason..I don't care about any of that. I am going to be lonely. It's going to be so quiet. I am crying again.

I'm going from being with you all day everyday, to having you be gone for 8 hours, 5 days a week. Why does that sound like a prison sentence? Why can't I just be happy for you?
Thank god you are excited about school, otherwise..I'm guessing we'd be on our way to Canada tonight.

I know you are going to an amazing school. (rockprairiemontessori.com) I know the teachers there are phenomenal. I've wanted you to go to that school, since I was pregnant with you. So why is it that all I am imagining is, you being scared and alone during lunch time with no friends? You've never eaten lunch without me to have a conversation with. Are you going to be scared? Are you going to feel rejected? What if you want to call me and no one let's you? Holy god I need to calm down.

I think the worst part in all of this, is literally no one understands why I feel this way. "Lora, you'll love it" "Lora, this will be so good for him." Yeah, I get that. I also get that my one and only purpose for living is now going to be gone all day and I have no idea what the hell to do with myself.

I'm just not ready. I'm not ready for you to be old enough to go to school. I'm not ready for you to need a lunch, or a backpack, or to have projects at school. Aren't you 2 years old? don't you need me to change your diaper? Don't you need me to sing you to sleep?

I don't know how these years have gone so fast, but they were great years. I will never regret the career I gave up, or the money, or the time I spent sacrificing my sanity..because what I got in return was worth so much more. I can always go back and try my hand at those other things that people seem to hold so dear, but I can't go back and be there for you every second of your childhood. I am very glad I made the right decision. I never missed a laugh, or a word, or a tear or a step. I can honestly say I never missed one milestone. I did my job, and I did it well. And it is truly the thing I am most proud of.

Well, I better get to bed so I don't sleep in and start you on a trend... I love you buglet Jones...I'm not sure how this transition is going to work out, or how much I will cry..I just hope the next 6 years are just as challenging and amazing at this last few.

Here is to our new adventure baby boy...

Love Always,


Friday, August 27, 2010

Mom, please try some brown sugar

Me: Honey, I know what brown sugar tastes like.

Sam: Please, you don't understand. It tastes better than anything.

Me. Baby, I know..but sugar makes you fat.

Sam. Mom, you're already fat. Just eat it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

No..no.no no no no no no no no

Sam: Mom! Come downstairs! I made myself beautiful!

Me: Okay baby, be down in a second. (pause) Wait, what did you use to make yourself beautiful?

Sam: Nail Polish

(.4 seconds later I am in the basement frantically looking for the damage)

Sam: Look mom, pretty!

(I see that he has taken the word "finger" literally, and painted his finger up to the first joint with bright pink nail polish.)

Me: That is very pretty honey, but very bad for you, and it makes a huge mess. Let's go get in the bathtub.

Sam: Is it bad for dogs and carpet too?


(The dog is fine by the way. Carpet? Not so much.)

"Dear God, please kill all the aliens in the world so I don't have to kill them to protect my mom"